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ES-30 & ES-40 Electric Switches

The PROMAG ES-30 and ES-40 Switch are magnetically operated electric switches. When mounted on a PM-26 chamber, or other chamber containing a magnetic float, they will accurately sense high or low levels within a process vessel.

Both the ES-30 and ES-40 magnetically coupled switches feature the following.

  • Ease of Mounting and Adjustment - No special tools required !
  • Compact Design
  • Unique Magnetic Latching
  • Vibration Resistant
  • No Contact with Process Fluids

The ES-30 has the advantage of a more compact design, allowing 2 or more switches to be mounted at spacing as close as 1/2" apart. The switch design incorporates a magnetically biased, hermetically sealed SPDT reed switch sealed in a stainless steel housing. ES-30 switches are available in Rod or Clamp mounting, and with Flying Lead or Terminal strip wiring connections. Insulation pads for insertion between the switch and PM-26 Chamber are available for high temperature operation.

When higher switching capacity  is desired, the ES-40 may be a better choice. The ES-40 offers SPDT or DPDT cam operated micro switch contacts, and like the ES-30, it is available  with Rod or Clamp Mounting, Flying Lead or Terminal wiring connections, and Insulation for high temperature operation. Housing options are Explosion Proof (shown) and  NEMA4X .

Applications for these switches include activating Alarms, Solenoids, Motor Starters, and Relays

AS-35  & AS-50 Pneumatic Switches

The AS-35 and AS-50 are Pneumatic Proximity switches that are activated  by the opposing magnetic fields of the switch and the PM-26 float. They operate on a clean filtered air or gas supply at pressures between 15 and 100 PIG, and are capable of supplying gas volumes of up to 22 cubic feet per minute.

They provide very reliable switching in level applications to activate alarms and to open and close valves equipped with pneumatic actuators. Typical applications include oil field separator controls and adjustable on / off level control. 

These Pneumatic Switches feature:

  • Magnetic Coupling
  • Ease of Mounting and Adjustment
  • Positive Action
  • Integral Rapid Response, High Volume Relay
  • Field Reversible Switching Action
  • AS-35 Aluminum Amplifier Relay
  • AS-50 - All Stainless Steel Construction

Options for both switches include High Temperature Insulation Pads, Factory installed Fittings, and Pressure Gauges.


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