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Model DLS Displacer Level Switch


The DLS series Displacer Level Switches operate on the well known force balance principle.

The displacer is suspended by a spring and weighs a given amount when not covered by a liquid. When the Liquid Level Rises and eventually cover the displacer, the displacer becomes lighter and the spring relaxes. This causes a small upwards movement of the rod assembly that suspends the displacer cable and displacer. This movement which is a small percentage of the actual distance in liquid level change is sufficient to operate the magnetically operated switch. The process liquid is totally isolated from the electrical switch assembly.

Since the displacer does not actually float, the switch is well suited for standard switching applications as well as difficult applications such as foaming liquids, liquids with floating solids, or liquids with surface agitation.

  • EASILY INSTALLED - No physically long asseblies to install in tank.
  • MAY be CALIBRATED to ACTUAL SWITCHING LEVEL - Displacer may be moved on the suspending cable.
  • NO STILLING WELL - Since the Displacer does not float, wave action or turbulence on the liquid level surface does not affect the displacer.
  • ISOLATION from the PROCESS FLUID - The switch is magnetically operated through a Stainless Steel Sleeve.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT - Wide choice of construction materials to accomodate a variety of process fluids.
  • SERVICABLE - Electrical Switch may be serviced without removing the DLS from the process.


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