Single Point Switches
LS-31 Liquid Level Switch / FS-31 Flow Switch








LS-31  Liquid Level Switch

The LS-31 is a Liquid Level Control Device. The operation of the float can be used to sound alarms or to activate other types of control equipment.

Operation of this switch could be described as a float mounted to a magnetic arm that pivots with the rising or falling liquid level. The magnetic arm swings into the proximity of a reed switch, closing the contacts. The LS-31's action may be reversed for high or low liquid applications simply by rotating the barrel 180 degrees.

Due to the devices small size and ease of installation, the LS-31 can provide a reliable and economical means for the control of process, and storage applications. 

Some of the features that make the LS-31 and excellent choice for single point Liquid Level Sensing include:

  • No Seals to Leak
  • Hermetically Sealed Reed Switch Design
  • Electrically Serviceable without removal from the process
  • Corrosion Free Construction

Options for this switch include External mounting chambers, Special  materials, Extended Arm designs, Interface and High Pressure floats, Flanged or Threaded process connections, and Low Specific Gravity  designs

FS-31 Flow Switch

The FS-31 is a Flow rate control device where the operation of the vane can be used to sound alarms or to activate various types of control equipment.

The FS-31 shares the  method of construction, features,  and options with the LS-31 switch above with the major difference being the replacement of the Float with a Flow Vane.


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