MG-25 Liquid Level Gauge





Liquid Level Gauge

The MG-25 Liquid Level Gauge operates on the principle of two magnetic fields interacting to transfer the height of Liquid Levels in vessels to a circular dial gauge indication.

This transfer of magnetic energy, and the resultant  circular motion output, is accomplished in the following way.  A float, containing a magnet, is installed on a guide tube. Inside of the guide tube is a magnet suspended from a stainless steel wire, which in turn is attached to a drum mechanism mounted in the MG-25 head. An indication needle is attached to the center axis of the drum. As the float moves up and down with the liquid level in the vessel, it's internal magnet will attract the guide tube magnet (GTM) moving the GTM up and down in direct relation to the vessel level. This direct linear up and down motion of the GTM is transmitted to the take up drum by means of the connecting wire, much like that of a yo-yo, and the drum in turn converts the linear motion on it's outer spool to a circular motion about it's center axis. The dial needle will rotate in an arc, indicating the vertical level on a Dial Face.

MG-25's are well suited for Hazardous Locations without the need for stringent code requirement.  Internal components are hermetically sealed, therefore totally isolated from the process. These gauges are especially suitable for use where the need for high visibility, low cost, and a low profile installation is a consideration.

Lengths up to 15 feet are available, manufactured in many corrosion resistant materials. Standard dial faces, and special dial faces are available. Special dial faces can be supplied calibrated in any engineering unit desired. Pressures to 1000 PSIG, and temperatures up to 300 degrees F are possible. 


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